Great breakfast joint in Reykjavík, Iceland!

Ok…..if you are starving from jet lag on your way to one of the world’s top destinations and want some GREAT comfort food, check out The Laundromat Cafe in downtown Reykjavík, located on Austurstræti.  Their website is  This restaurant is a favorite hangout for locals and tourists from all over the world.  Getting its start in Scandinavia, this restaurant has locations in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden….maybe some other places of which I am unaware.  Don’t let the name fool you….downstairs from the restaurant’s eating area, you can actually DO your laundry!!  So while you are waiting on your clothes, upstairs you can enjoy a hearty eggs benedict or delicious french toast with a decorative cappuccino. The bar/coffee area is hopping, and if you love to people watch, it’s a great place to watch locals and friends gather.  The inside is decorated in woodsy warm tones, and you cannot help but feel relaxed.  This place is such a great idea, and I wish I could own one here in the United States!

The Laundromat Cafe - Reykjavík, Iceland

The Laundromat Cafe – Reykjavík, Iceland


Wife Amy and daughter Ashley ready for our 1st breakfast in Iceland!

Cappuccino always with a decorative touch

Cappuccino always with a decorative touch


Icelandiar – A wonderful way to see Iceland and Europe!


For us in the middle part of the US, Icelandiar offers a convenient non-stop route from Denver to Keflavik International Airport which is about a 40 minute drive into Reykjavík.  Our flight was about 6 hours, leaving at 5:30pm and arriving at 6:30am Iceland time.  Visit their website at for routes, schedules and themed special offers.  The GREAT thing that Icelandair offers that we experienced was booking our flights to London with Iceland being a “stopover” with no additional airfare.  This is basically their way of saying, “Let us take you to our final destination, but come experience Iceland on the way!”



The flight crew and attendants came walking through the Denver Airport dressed to the T in their uniforms which were a throwback to the time of Pan Am Airways.  They looked so professional and so composed.  This translated into a WONDERFUL flight with amazing service and amenities…especially the multimedia televisions behind the headrest of each seat. They also had a lot of goodies and special meals for kids….Ashley sure enjoyed everything they had to offer.  On a trans-Atlantic flight, a happy kid is a WONDERFUL thing!  Oh, and don’t worry….they speak pretty perfect English for those of you like me who can only muster a few words of Icelandic……It’s hard!  I did learn; however, to say how to fasten your seatbelt by the time we landed!

The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

The Blue Lagoon - Iceland June 2013

The Blue Lagoon – Iceland                                                                 A great cure for jet lag and a short drive from Keflavik International Airport through the rugged moonscape-like environment.  The clay-like silica will smooth your skin, and it is said that the water is filled with many healing properties for various skin ailments.  Have a cold drink at the walk up bar, and enjoy a casual or more formal meal inside while watching the rising steam outside. Check out their website at to view prices and transportation options from the airport (KEF). 


Vancouver, B.C. – Victoria – Seattle Bound!

In just a few weeks, we will be leaving the magnetic pull of Texas heading to Canada and Washington State!  Last time I was there was 1986 when our parents took us on a 2 week adventure to Mt. Rainier, Victoria and Vancouver at the ’86 Worlds Fair.

Needless to say, it has been a long time since I have visited that part of the country, and I am SO excited to reintroduce myself to the area with my wife and daughter.  We will make the rounds in Vancouver first, followed by a short stint in beautiful Victoria and finishing in Seattle/Mt. Rainier.  I have a feeling we’ll want to pack our things and head to the Pacific Northwest!  Well….I do have that feeling pretty much wherever we go!

We’ll keep you posted with some fun family things to do while in the area on a quick time schedule!